Bringing technology easily into your life.



Homes, apartments and other luxury residential settings
can be molded into futuristic masterpieces

Smart Homes are enabled by the Internet and devices, from cameras, to sensors, to door locks and window shades, to keep homeowners more comfortable, secure and connected.  These systems require supporting and monitoring a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, automated lighting, and home care.


Hotels & Resorts can leverage us to create unique and luxurious guest
experiences while reducing time on repetitive tasks

The hospitality industry is a compelling and challenging market space in which CytexOne Technologies can show our years of experience in creating stable reliable systems so that to both hotel operators and guests alike, technology and automation becomes as seamless, highly available, reliable and expected as the air they breathe. There is no better suited business or environment for Internet of Things (IoT) than hotels and resorts, where the benefits of seamless stable invisible technological infrastructure will naturally benefit everyone, from guests, to service personnel and managers, to facilities maintenance, and the executive suite due to continual cost savings.


Buildings can be transformed into highly efficient centers of connected technology
that saves facility costs while pleasing occupants.

Commercial buildings, for offices and other uses, require an advanced set of proficient and visionary solutions that optimize energy use, streamline building maintenance and operations, and automate daily tasks, covering areas from the parking garage to the top floor.  Using AV display technologies that allow people to interact, to cameras, door locks, and sensors that bring intelligence to all aspects of the work day.  Smart buildings require a range of technologies, wired and wireless, addressing failure detection, multi-site management, surveillance, and smart system alerts.


Bringing your Apartment Buildings
and Multi-Dwelling Units into the Internet and Automation Age

We help developers and investors decide the best use of money for each project based on anticipated occupant lifestyle. we design for today and plan for tomorrow. We help the layout of pre-wire for hotels, planned communities, luxury cooperatives and condominiums.
we offer the best comforts of the modern home, and we help control building wide management, maintenance and other common expenses.


Building the System of Systems

The ‘things’ in the IoT, or the ‘machines’ in M2M (machine to machine), are tangible items whose identity and condition or surroundings (or the state of its surroundings is capable of being relayed to an internet-connected IT infrastructure. Almost anything to which you can attach a sensor — a cow in a field, a container on a cargo vessel, the air-conditioning unit in your office, a lamppost in the street — can become a node in the Internet of Things.