Technology for your life made simple.



CytexOne is cutting edge knowledge. We are old school in our approach. We listen. We think. We solve, and We design. CytexOne delivers. We create and simplify technology solutions to help clients increase revenue without increasing overhead or operational expense. We curate, integrate and orchestrate the best functions of best-of-breed software and hardware.

We build and we deliver a self-healing technology ecosystem constantly monitored and calibrated by CytexOne’s Atlas, our proprietary device and secret sauce that constantly evaluates our systems and obsessively fine tunes its function to make our Customers’ Needs Always First.  

CytexOne is confidently brand agnostic.  We only select and incorporate the best in breed devices for our solutions and products.  Like the most customized automobile manufacturer, we take the finest leathers, the best paints, the best engines and refined ergonomics. In the end, we offer the most comfortable, reliable and refined experience to our customers.

Our systems’ stability, and our seamless integration of useful technology sets us apart from any large player. Most vendors and consultants are constrained by hardware devices that they either build, sell and design or by companies in which they have a financial interest. Even most of our competitors manufacture the devices they deploy–even when those devices are behind the current technological advances. CytexOne stays ahead of the curve and tests new ideas and technology and then incorporates fresh products into our tried and true smart technology systems.

CytexOne is undeniably committed to using only the best products in each category. From the first iteration of our design to the last finishing touch, CytexOne delivers the best integrated technology systems.

We solve problems with technology that's easy to use, always reliable, & very predictable.



CytexOne’s mission is to show the world that well designed, well thought out applications of wireless and other technologies makes life easier, more comfortable, more affordable and remarkably efficient. CytexOne is committed to making Technology Simple.  We are cutting edge in our knowledge and we are clear in our mission–to solve problems with technology that is easy to use, always reliable and very predictable.

Our success is ensured by our founders–Dan Levine and Andy Slezak. Dan and Andy’s experience in the design, deployment and monitoring of computer network infrastructure and communications systems for the  most demanding Stock Exchange clients taught Dan and Andy to build cost effective enduring and reliable systems.

Dan and Andy took their NYSE lessons and built a company devoted to the design, engineering and installation of secure and reliable home automation systems at a time when home automation was in its infancy. They pushed boundaries even further by designing interfaces for RIM Blackberry, and by developing secure networks for private equity and hedge fund advisors.

CytexOne harnesses our founders’ knowledge and we now design systems committed to energy savings, asset management, and guest experience. Our core services enhance  multiple dwellings, commercial applications and hospitality environments. Dan and Andy’s unparalleled expertise in the application of easy to use, reliable technology saves money and saves time.

CytexOne is a well-focused group of professionals with complementary expertise that is leading the industry and ahead of the pack. Andy remains committed to Research and Development. Dan is devoted to engineering, design, implementation, and working closely with our team who directs our on-site services and custom installations. We also offer in-house accounting expertise, project planning and business strategists to help our clients decide on the highest and best uses and investments in technology.

We build and we deliver a self-healing technology ecosystem constantly monitored and calibrated by CytexOne’s Atlas.

Dan Levine